Last Update: 2013/2/5

Kyo Kageura / 影浦 峡

Library and Information Science Laboratory, Lifelong Learning Infrastructure Management Course, Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan.

Research Interests

Theoretically, I am interested in characterising the structure of information media and language from a unified point of view, and clarifying the relationships between information media and language with a high degree of granularity, in order to reveal points of intervention in the actual information circulation/distribution process. Social institutions such as libraries or schools are taken into account as practical points of social intervention.

Within this overall framework, I've done, and am still doing, many types of research.

One is the mathematical modelling of language and media structure and the re-examination of the framework of interpretation of these models (studies of the structure of information media). Another, more recent theoretical interest is in the characterisation of the relationships between language and media from the point of view of the structure of media (studies of language and media).

As applied engineering research, I've begun the "Shiitake" project, which aims at developing a system that aids online volunteer translators.

On the social activity front, I host the class "English and Society" at e-kyoshitsu (in Japanese).

Finally, I'm trying to start as a venture business growing Shiitake mushrooms using old library books, which has unfortunately not progressed very far yet.

Applications from students interested in pursuing graduate-level research in any of these topics or in terminology are welcome.

Research Topics

  1. "Shiitake" project - Developing a system to aid online volunteer translators.
  2. Terminology
  3. Studies of the structure of information media
  4. Studies of language and media
  5. "English and Society" class on e-kyoshitsu (in Japanese) - Aims to foster social consciousness and a critical perspective on language (including learning English), through learning English.

Publications and Research Related Activities


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